Image of bugler playing The Last Post

SDWS Last Post 1968 - 2018

Paul and Rosemary Brogden
Ronnie and Nicky Cole-Mackintosh
Mick Conway (Ex President)
Eric 'Fitzy' Fitzsimons
Brian ‘Fess’ Fozard
George Gibson
Jim Gosney
Peter Goss
Tony Greenfield
Ronnie ‘Hollow Legs’ Grey
Rod Harris
Colin ‘Noddy’ Jones
Geoff Jubb
John Landolt
Sandie Lawson
Mike and Patience Liley
Ian ‘Madgers’ Madgwick
Bob McCrindle
Jim McKeown
George Munro
Pete Palmer
Harry Pinchard
Mike Rentell
Mick Roberts
Mike Pilkington
Jim Rousell (Ex President)
Ron Samways
Stuart ‘Siggy’ Small
Ken Smith
Ivan ‘Span’ and Muriel Spanholtz
Betty Williams