The Key (To Counter-Insurgency Operations)

This was a 1968 Army training film on intelligence collection in Counter-Insurgency (COIN) Operations. It was a dramatised account of the deployment of British forces to the fictional Republic of Latomeh to counter communist insurgency. It was filmed at Repton Manor, Ashford and on location in Singapore, with members of the Intelligence Corps filling some of the non-speaking roles.

The following stills are taken from the film in order of appearance. If you can identify any of the unknown persons in the stills, or if you were in the film and are not shown below, please
Contact Us, and provide as much detail as you can.

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The Villain - Frank Pereira - civilian attached

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Soldier A - ?

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Soldier C - ?

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The FIO - Dave Peaks

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Young Officer - Trevor Lutrell

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Soldier D - ?

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The Ops Room Sgt - Mick Roberts

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Soldier B - ?

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The Interrogator - Dick Matthews

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The IO - Peter Lewis Jones

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Joint Ops Room - Ian Parr & George Gibson

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Soldier E - ?