Guernsey 2006


As far as is known, there was no official ‘Match Report’ for the Dawn Watchers’ reunion in Guernsey in 2006.  This is submitted to fill the gap in the historical archive and is in note form only.

About 60 Dawn Watchers (including ladies) made the trip to Guernsey on the weekend of 31 March – 2 April 2006.  The venue for the weekend was The Duke of Richmond Hotel at Cambridge Park in St. Peter Port.

Friday Evening.  A reception (Vin d’Honneur) at Candie Museum and Art Gallery near the hotel, was hosted by Visit Guernsey (the Island Tourist Board).  This was arranged by Kay Roberts at no charge.  (Wine & Canapés).  Later several Dawn Watchers went to “A Passage to India” Restaurant in Lower Pollet, St. Peter Port.  Others dined in the hotel.  The party later regrouped in the hotel bar.

Saturday Morning.  Coach trip to the German Occupation Museum near the airport, where among other interesting items a Kriegsmarine Enigma machine could be viewed.  This was followed by a tour of the island’s coastline, returning to the hotel at lunchtime.  The afternoon was free for shopping, sightseeing, etc.

Saturday Evening.  Gala Dinner, with all the usual trimmings, including Disco Dancing and Pensioners on Parade.  The campaign for the Pingkat Jasa Malaysia featured prominently in the speeches.  Guests of Honour were Guernsey’s Attorney-General, Nik van Leuven QC, and his wife Wendy.

A large number of people commented afterwards that for them a highlight of the weekend was the friendly, cheerful professionalism of the hotel staff, particularly Olga and Orlando Abreu, (husband–and-wife Head Waitress and Barman).  Mick Conway, the then Secretary, remarked on the excellent co-operation of the General Manager, Dana Fawcett when organising the event.

[Mick Roberts]