Int Pl 3 Cdo Bde

Rene 'Acker' Dee
I was a member of 3 CDO Bde Int Pl in HMS Sembawang (billeted in Rowcroft Lines) in 1965. The Platoon consisted of 2nd Lt. Tantum (straight out of Sandhurst), S/Sgt Jackson (who had served in Korea), Mick Courage, Tony Shilcock, Trevor Knight, Dave Kitching and Malcolm Morrison.  I spent most of my time with Dave 'Mack' Mackney in inappropriate situations learning about life and typing Lt Tantum's letters.

Tony Shilcock
I recall with pride that we were the first Cdo Int Pl. Mick Courage and I were the first two members of the Corps to undergo the training at the RM base Lympstone Devon in early 1964. I often think of that period of training and still believe that the SLR's we had were the most cleaned weapons in the Forces!