Ron ‘Hollow Legs’ Grey

Alan 'Jake' Jacobs
The first time I met Ron Grey was at Seremban Railway Station in 1964.  I was on my first posting (Pte) and had flown out from UK to Singapore via El Adam and Gan the day before, and spent the night at Nee Soon Transit Camp.  I had travelled up by train from Singapore that morning and when I got off at Seremban I was met by a tall thin geordie Cpl named Ron.  He had a L/R with him and said that we had time for a 'swift-half' down town before reporting to OC CI Pl Malaya.  As best I recall we had one or two 'swift-halfs' of Tiger and it was quite late in the afternoon when we eventually reached Pl HQ. I obviously did not make a good first impression as the OC, Maj Ray Colins, told me to get out of his sight and to report to the CSM!  Ho-hum!

'Willie' Lawson
I first met Ron in Rheindahlen in 1966 and his legs were still hollow, he never seemed to eat except for the odd bowl of ochsenschwanzesuppe at the local pubs. Later in Glenravel St in the 70s, even the local SB boys (who can sup a bit) were in awe of Ron's staying power. RIP Ron.

Mick Conway
Ron was my best man in May 1969 when I got married in Doncaster. The lads (myself, Ron, 'Noddy' Jones, Dick Brightman,  John Barnes) stayed in one local pub whilst the married pads were in a separate small hotel.

On the wedding morning Ron and I met for breakfast to plan the finer points of the big day. Along shuffled an old biddy, properly attired in black frock and full white pinny, who requested our orders.

“Boiled egg and a Guinness”, says Ron. There was much pursing of lips and sucking of breath from the old girl, who stood there muttering “Never in 35 years’ service . . . . ” – to which Ron gaily replied “Something wrong with the egg love?”!