Dave Kitching
To add to all the interesting reminiscences; in 1966 FIOs operating in Sarawak´s 1st Division often convened in the bar adjacent to the Fata Hotel, Kuching, where at one time there appeared a gorgeous serving wench called Chu, Chinese of course.  So we naturally serenaded her at the tops of our lungs, drowning out Reg and the other Troggs, with "I Want to Spend My Life with a Girl Like Chu".   Mick Roberts was there on at least one occasion.   Anyone else remember?

Mick had a job deejaying on Radio Malaysia Sarawak for a spell, so should be able to contribute to this forum.   I recall Donovan being flavour-of-the-month for many months: "Colours", "Universal Soldier" etc.

Talking of the Fata Hotel, I used to stay there on my occasional trips up from Lundu.  I once went out in the daytime, hungover probably, to stock up with new records from Kuching´s sole record shop, Tai Chey Records on India Street, totally forgetting that I had left my 9mm Browning under the pillow in my room.   Very luckily, the cleaning staff had the good sense to hand it in to reception who put it into their safe.   You can imagine how sheepishly and with what relief, I accepted its safe return from the manager!

Borneo was a bit ´wild west´ sometimes.