HQ 2 Int Coy (FE)

Bill Westwood (1964)

Ralp Thompson (1965)
Les Stephenson (1965)
Bob Findlayson (1965)
? Awcock (1965)
Capt G D Jenkins (1965)
Ron Gray (1965)
Chris Edwards (1965)
Ted Murphy (1965)
John McMullen (1965)
Brian Mole (1965)
Ian Parr (1965)
Dave Hickman (1965)
Andy Titchener (1965)
John F C Althorp (1965)
K D Jago (1966)
Chris Sage (1966)
Colin Parr (1966)
Alfie Knought (1966)
Terry Ainsley (1966)
Alan Jacobs (1966)
Dave Wakelam (1966)

Det 2 Int Coy (Interrogation)

Tony Crawford (1965-67)

Lt Neech RN (1966)
Cpl Atkins RAF (1966)
Cpl Johnson RAF (1966)
Chris Gardener (1965)
Mick Courage (1966)
Tom Wall (1964-66)
Dave Ellis (1966)

Mil Int Assistants to SB (MIASB)

Indonesia's overt military effort was supported by two Communist guerrilla movements: the anti-Malaysia North Kalimantan People's Army (PARAKU) and the Sarawak People's Guerrillas (PGRS). These two groups were collectively known as the Clandestine Communist Organisation (CCO) or the Sarawak Communist Organisation (SCO).They were the primary focus of Sarawak Special Branch operations in the rear area.

4th Div Police HQ Miri

Maj Taylor (KOBR) MIO 4th Div Sarawak 1964-65)
Capt Bruce Lawson (RE/SAS) MIO 4th Div Sarawak (1965-66)
Chris Dixon (1965-66)
Alan 'Jake' Jacobs (1966)

Police HQ Kuching
'Tash' Middleton (1965)

Field Intelligence Officers (FIOs)

FIOs were nearly all Intelligence Corps NCOs or WOs and were usually subordinated to the Divisional Special Branch Officer (DSBO). They were deployed to a British battalion or company HQ close to the Indonesian border. The FIOs role was to run cross-border sources and pass the information to both SB and the local military commander(s).  

Long Banga

Algy Thomas (1965)
'Jack' Cartwright (1966)


Phil Llewellyn

Ba Kelalan

Gerry McShannon (1964-65 casevac with amoebic dysentery)
Algie Thomas (3 weeks in Aug/Sep 65)
Dave Hollinshead (Sep 1965-Jun 66)
Paul Brogden (Jun-Aug 1966)


Paul Devoti (1964-65)
Phil Brown (1965-66) - also was Bde PI

Pensiangang, Sabah

Ralph Thompson
Eric Steinitz
John Rice


Ken Smith (1966)


Les Stepheson (1965)


Fnu Snu


Mick Roberts

Malcolm Morrison (1965-66)
Cpl Knight (1966)

Balai Ringan
D Campbell

Dave Kitching (1965-66)


There was no FIO here but a HK Chinese named Bill Ip (an ex-Chindit in KSLI) worked the Ressetlement Village here. [Source Mick Roberts]

Bombali (Tawau, Sabah)

Bob Finlayson (1965)  
Dave Hollinshead (until closure in mid 1965)

Wallace Bay (Tawau, Sabah)

Jim Birmingham (196?)
Dave Hollinshead (1965)