Rules of The Singapore Dawn Watchers' Society


1. Name
The Society shall be known as:
"The Singapore Dawnwatchers’ Society".   Abbreviated for convenience to SDWS.

2. Formation Date
The 6th July 1968 shall be considered to be the formation date of the SDWS.

3. Aim
To bring together those who qualify for membership, and who like to enjoy an evening's drinking and comradeship, through regular reunions.

4. Definition of Dawn Watching
To "Dawn Watch" a person must have commenced drinking the previous evening and carried on drinking through the hours of darkness until the sun rises in the morning.

    a.  Membership shall only be granted to those who served in or with the Intelligence Corps in Singapore and Malaya between 1960 and 1971.
    b. Such people must be of drinking age!
    c. Full membership shall only be granted to males.
    d.  To qualify for Full Membership, a person must have "Dawn Watched" in the company of at least 1 Full Member on a minimum of 3 occasions.
    e.  Associate Membership may be granted to all those who served in or with the Intelligence Corps in Singapore between the above dates; this includes widows of Full Members who wish to continue their association with “Old Comrades”.
    f.  Honorary Membership may be awarded to those who do not otherwise qualify but served in some other capacity in association with Group FARELF between the above dates. Such membership must be applied for to the Secretary, on  behalf of the individual concerned, on a reunion by reunion basis, by at least two current Full Members.
   g.  All applications for membership should be submitted to the Committee for consideration and, if approved, the applicant shall be taken onto the Roll by the Secretary.
   h. Membership of one branch gives automatic membership of any other branch.
   i.  An individual’s military/civilian rank/status shall have no effect on their application to join, or on their position in the Society.  All full members shall have an equal say and equal chance for election to the Committee.

6. Constitution
    a.  A Committee shall be elected for the General running of The Society.
    b.  The Committee shall be composed of the following members:
         Vice President
         Property Member
   c. The Committee shall normally be elected at a General Meeting held, when required, by either a vacancy occurring or upon written application by at least 10 members.
   d. Any office bearer may be re-elected for any number of terms of office.  
   e. Any vacancies occurring during the term will be filled by voluntary or nominated basis. In the event of more than one applicant for a vacant post then an electronic ballot of the full membership will be carried out.    f. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any additional members they feel necessary for the efficient running of the Society on an ad-hoc basis only.    g. The Committee may invite any person to a Committee Meeting for the benefit of the Society, but these persons shall have no right to vote.

7. Functions of the Committee
    a. The Committee shall have the following Powers and functions:-
          (1)  To decide all matters concerning policy, management and running of the Society.
          (2)  To be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Constitution of the Society.       b. The Committee shall meet whenever summoned by the Secretary. Normally the President shall take the chair at all meetings, but in his absence the Vice President shall preside.
      c. Three Committee members shall be a quorum and all matters shall be decided by a majority vote.       d. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

8. General Meetings
      a.  The Society shall hold a General Meeting (GM), if required on the occasion of a reunion, for the following purposes:-
           (1) To receive the report of the retiring Committee.
           (2) To receive, and if approved, pass the accounts for the previous term.
           (3) To elect a Committee for the coming year.
           (4) To transact under the new Committee any business brought before the meeting.
           (5) To "Dawn Watch" after the meeting, when possible.       b. At least 60 days notice shall be given to members of the time and place of the GM.       c. Business to be discussed at the GM shall be notified to the Secretary at least 1 month before the GM.
      d. The quorum at the GM shall be those full members attending the Annual Reunion. Representations from those unable to attend may be tendered by other Full Member(s).
      e. Voting shall be by a show of hands and all business shall be decided by majority vote.       f. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

9.   Extraordinary General Meetings
The Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) whenever it shall deem it necessary or when a requisition signed by at least 10 full members is received. Such a Meeting may be held via Internet/Postal means. Notification and voting shall be as for GMs.

10.  Finance
      a.  There shall be no fixed Annual Subscription, but a surcharge of £5 per Member, per booking, for all Reunion Functions is payable to raise working capital.  Should the need arise, Members may be requested to contribute for specific causes. 
      b.  Badges, ties etc to be purchased by individuals. 
      c.  Changes in finance must carry the majority vote at an GM.

11.  Amendment to Rules
No amendment or addition to these rules shall be made except when voted for at a General Meeting.    
12.  Affiliations
     a. Members may start an affiliated branch in any town or country, outside the United Kingdom, provided they notify the Secretary of the SDWS when the required number of persons has qualified for full membership.
     b.  Until a B Committee is formed the Central Committee shall be responsible for the granting of membership on nomination by the sole member.
    c.  Affiliated branches shall be run according to these rules except where local conditions require changes to be made. Such changes shall be notified to the Secretary of the SDWS together with an explanation of the need to change.  The changes and explanation shall be considered by the Committee of the SDWS who shall inform the affiliated branch of their decision.  If the decision is adverse and the branch decides to ignore the Central Committee then the affiliation may be terminated and the branch required to delete all reference to SDWS from its activities.
    d.  Contact shall be maintained between the SDWS and affiliated branches by means of a newsletter passes as a circular with each branch adding its own notes before passing it on to the next branch, or the SDWS.  On the next cycle, the previous notes should be removed and the new ones added. The order of passing the newsletter shall be attached to the letter by the Secretary of the SDWS.  Any branch failing to pass on the newsletter in a reasonable time from the time of receipt may be struck off the list and lose its affiliation.

13.   Conduct
The conduct of members will be in accordance with their normal rank/status and they shall take no part in any activities in the name of the SDWS that contravenes any military or civilian law.

14.   Duties of Committee Members
The following are a general guide only of the duties of members of the Committee:
The Senior Member of the Society and is the overseer of all Society activities.  He is the Society representative at meetings with other organisations or individuals. He is the Chairman of the Committee.
Vice President
Understudies and deputies, when necessary, for the President. Vice Chairman of the Committee and Chair in the absence of the Chairman.
Responsible for all correspondence, minutes, etc on behalf of the Society and is responsible for  notifying members of times and places of meetings and other organised Society activity. Responsible for looking after all monies of the Society and keeping a simple set of books to account for all monetary transactions carried out on the authority of the Committee.
Responsible for the research and records of the history, Membership and activities of the Society.
Property Member
Responsible for the safe-keeping of, and making available all Society general property. 

Amended on 14 April 2012 by all members of  the Committee of the Singapore Dawn Watchers' Society.

President:                              Mick Conway

Vice President:                       Dave Wakelam 

Secretary/Treasurer:               Nik Collett

Property Member/Historian:    Dave Peak

(The original set of  rules was carefully transported around the world for 20 years by Jim Rousell before being resurrected in 1988)